Friday, June 11, 2010

Secret Origins: Tiger-Man

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Y'know, I was under the impression that writer John Albano co-created Tiger-Man with artist Ernie Colon, but I've been re-reading and researching Atlas/Seaboard's semi-Wolverine and now I'm not so sure. Albano wrote the Tiger-Man "prequel" found in Thrilling Adventure Stories #1, but Gabe Levy actually wrote the origin story (also illustrated by definite co-creator Colon) in today's Tiger-Man #1 (January 1975). To further muddy the waters, according to his interview in Comic Book Artist #16, editor Jeff Rovin mentions in passing that "Tiger-Man came about because (DC editor) Joe Orlando had sent Ernie Colon up to see us, and Ernie and I hit it off right away, just started playing around with ideas, and..." So, Ol' Groove's scratchin' his hoary head. Mebbe Messrs. Rovin or Colon will read this post and set us straight on the creation of one of "Vengeance, Inc.'s" best characters. Until then, here's the story of how Dr. Lancaster Hill became the deadly Tiger-Man!

Thanks to Fett for the sweet scans!


  1. New template! :)

    As someone who was somehow blind to the faults of all the Atlas comics as a kid, I'd love to say Tiger-Man #1 is a lost classic but it really is a masterclass in how not to do a super-hero comic. Wooden characters, wooden dialogue, wooden poses, terrible costume - and as for the lettering...

  2. Can't say as I dig your new format, Groove. Hard to read in spots.

  3. Wow,

    i had to cross check the site twice to know that am on the same blog as that of the Groovies.

    Refreshing new template.

  4. Yeah, maybe not Ernie Colon's best work...but interesting in a kind of Klaus Janson-esque way nonetheless...thanks for posting, though!

  5. I'm with Steve Does Comics. That lettering looks like someone bought a knock-off version of Charlton's "A Machine" at a yard sale.

  6. Even as a kid I sensed that Atlas comics were low-rent compared to the big two, but oh man...
    Forgot about the underlining in place of italics or bold print.
    I remember not knowing what "mother" was short for in "I'll get those mothers."
    Definitely proof that very groovy doesn't mean very good, but still a worthy post.



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