Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: "The Quaking Horror" by Fox and Auraleon

What's happening, Groove-ophiles! Time to dig back into the dingy vault of spooky stuff for a real chiller of a tale. Today's fear-fest is the Lovecraftian "The Quaking Horror" from Creepy #65 (cover dated September 1974--reprinted from Creepy #42--Auraleon's Warren debut!), written by Golden Age great Gardner (Flash, Hawkman) Fox and Spanish sensation Auraleon (Rafael Aura Leon, Vampirella mainstay). This one's got it all, baby! Demonic creatures, spooky cellars, cursed books, torch-carrying mobs, and a chick named Flossie! You know you're into something far-out when there's a chick named Flossie in a story, dig? Take it away, Uncle Creepy!


  1. Jeez! Great minds think alike as I have this one ready to go on my own blog! Mine's from a reprint courtesy of Creepy #65, but just look at that gorgeous Rafael Aura León art!

    I'll delay my own posting of this story out of respect, but this one is a genuine gem and I must have read it dozens and dozens of times over the years. You have great tastes in comic mags.

    Great post!

  2. Hey, TOW, you can never get too many blogs blogging on a great story! Thanks for the courtesy, but do your thing, man! We're comicbook blog brothers!

  3. Thank you for this story.

    More about the Spanish (from Barcelona exactly) comics artist Rafael Auraleon (in Spanish but with lots of images and photos):




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