Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Gene Day's "Days of Future Past"

How about another example of the awesome artistry of Gene Day, Groove-ophiles? This one's a goodie--though the plot of this sci-fi shocker isn't the most original, it is well-written, and, of course, superbly illustrated. From Star*Reach's Imagine #2 (cover-dated June 1978), take a trip to "Days of Future Past"!


  1. Excellent. You can never have too much Gene Day. Here's hoping for a little Day MOKF. Technically maybe not the Groovy Age, but still worth a look ...

  2. I love Gene Day's art! As a kid, I was crestfallen when I read of his death back in '82. The "Days of Future past" art has an Al Williamson look about it.

    BTW, I'm currently re-reading Day's run on Master of Kung Fu and am still agog over his panel layouts.



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