Monday, June 14, 2010

Making a Splash: Gil Kane's Warlock

Many times has Ol' Groove ruminated on the magnificence of Jim Starlin's titanic tenure as writer/artist on Adam Warlock's strip, but we must ne'er forget the greatness of Gil Kane as he and Roy Thomas re-created Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Him as the bejeweled messiah of Counter Earth. With inkers like Dan Adkins and Tom Sutton, and writers like Mike Friedrich and Ron Goulart, Kane supplied some of his most stupendous splashes (sometimes more than one per ish!). Though he only drew a half-dozen issues (Marvel Premiere #'s 1-2, Warlock 1, 3-5, January 1972-January 1973), Kane's designs, along with the power of his pencils, made Warlock a cult fave and helped pave the way for Judo Jim's legendary saga.


  1. Groove: My goodness, you have some magnificent Kane here! That first splash of Warlock is Hall of Fame Kane! Students studying figure drawing should keep a copy handy! -- Mykal

  2. Great new layout and header!

    Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

  3. Fantastic stuff. Warlock has to be my favourite Gil Kane material. There's something about the strip that just seems perfect for him.

  4. Hey Groovy One!
    This is Gil Kane at his finest! Dan Adkins, Tom Sutton, Klaus Jansen, "Joltin" Joe Sinnott & Tom Palmer. Always made Kane's beautiful pencils look even better!

    Every time I see these beautiful books. I think about the times I lost out on. Buying the cover to Marvel Premiere#1 for $1,500 & like 5-6 of these pages for like $65-$75 each! They were for sale in the CBG in 1999! GGRR!! I think I got a TTUUMMOORR!!!All because the morons at the IRS screwed up my tax returns!! IDIOTS!



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