Friday, June 18, 2010

Jonah Hex Weekend! Secret Origins: Jonah Hex's Scar

Saddle up, Groove-o-sabes! We's headin' back to th' Old West t'have us a gander at how that bounty-huntin' hombre name'a Jonah Hex got that powerful ugly scar on his kisser. Now, if'n y'ask Jonah hisself, he'll give yuh the runaround, tellin' yus sech foolishness as he cut hisself shavin' or th' toothpick slipped. Thing is, an ornery cuss like Hex don't like tuh talk about his weaknesses. In his line'a work, weakness kin gitcha kilt, yuh know. But Ol' Groove, he knows the truth. Found it out in Jonah Hex #8 (October 1977) in a story called "The Mark of the Demon". A tale, by the by, written by Michael Fleisher with art by Ernie Chua (aka Chan) and Vincente Alcazar. Now, gather 'round, pilgrims! We got a yarn t'spin...

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  1. ¡Al fin! Nunca habia leído esta historia.



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