Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scarier than Doing Your Taxes Week! Mining for Gold(en): "Hell of a Place!" by Morrissey and Golden

You could say the devil made Michael Golden draw it, but a prolific letterhack, the late Richard Morrissey, actually wrote the following terror-tale "Hell of a Place!" from Secrets of Haunted House #10 (November 1977), Groove-ophiles! Check it out!


  1. Thank you,Mr Groove!
    The Golden year of Mr Golden:1977!
    I enjoy the style he used that year.Particularly when Mr Golden inked himself.
    Another great example is the story "The Adventure of the Houdini Whodunit!" in Batman #295(for sale Oct.'77) which you,O Groovy One, shared with us in an earlier post(Is it possible for The Groovy Agent to dig up some larger scans for us to dig? I ask,feeling like an ingrate.)
    /Mr Anonymous
    p.s.Of course,I also like the work of Mr Golden the following year,for example the Man-Bat story
    in Batman Family #20(Wonderful opening dp-splash) and the funny and cute Batman Family #17(inked by Mr Golden)with superb art.

    1. Y'know, Mr. A., I never realized how little those "Whodunit" scans are. I'll see what I can do...

      The Man-Bat story from BatFam #20 is posted here, too. I haven't run the Bat-Mite story because it's been reprinted so many times.

  2. Every time I see a Mike Golden job, I'm reminded of something Chaykin once pointed out -- Mike G. is pretty much The One who created the "standard" look that many artists in the mainstream use to this day. Without him, no Art Adams, no Jim Lee ...

    1. So do we thank Mr. Golden...or do we give him such a hit? ;D Personally, I thank him mucho for Adams. Lee? Depends on what day it is...



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