Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Prison Plops Part 1

By PLOP!-ular demand, here are 13 pages of "Prison Plops" by cartoonist Robert "Slim" Johnson from issues 1-6 of DC Comics' PLOP! Enjoy, Groove-ophiles!

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  1. Great! Thanks for posting these! I haven't seen these since I had my original Plop collection many years ago. I bought all of 'em off the stands (except issue #2 which I somehow missed!) and kept 'em for years until selling them 20-something years ago.

    I had forgotten about the backgrounds drawn by Aragones with various characters laughing like crazy......and I had forgotten that Aragones had drawn Cain and the other hosts occasionally commenting on the cartoons.

    And yes....."Slim" was the name of the cartoonist. Never knew what his full name was until now! These cartoons are the ultimate in silliness....but I love them all the same. (My hands and wrists always hurt after reading them, though!)



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