Monday, June 22, 2009

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Kirby Kover Kuriosities

When Jack Kirby returned to Marvel in 1975, not only did he kraft klassic komics for Captain America, Black Panther, 2001, the Eternals, Machine Man, and Devil Dinosaur, but he kreated kovers for karacters whom you'd never (sometimes ever) associate with The King. Here's a kollection of kovers kalculated to kaptivate your kranium...


  1. Kirby drawing Conan...just thinking about that gets my nerd-glands a-tingle. If only he'd had a run on that book.

  2. I did not know or I didn't remember Kirby did a Conan cover. I love it!

  3. I fondly remember the 3D Man. I'd love to see both Marvel Premiere 35 & 36 posted. By the way, great blog!

  4. Groove
    I tried to e-mail this but for some reason I couldn't. I see that you are working with Red Lion Publications. Do you know when they will ever take submissions for writers? Right now it seems they only want artist.

  5. I knew you guys'd dig that Kirby Conan cover. It just tantalizes us with "what might have been", huh?

    More 3-D man will be appearing here, Rich! I love that character, and he'll get a post of his own one of these fine days.

    Rick, I don't know when Red Lion will open submissions for writers. With three writers and a quarterly schedule, the writers' spots are actually full for at least two years. However, you never know when Publisher Jon might add another title and open the floodgates. If/when he does, I'll let ya know!

  6. Conan's face was altered by John Romita. Kirby also drew Conan in his black book of all the characters he created. Kirby must have liked the character since he added it with the admonition "Just for the hell of it!"

    Kirby drew all these covers because the editors probably requested him. I know Roy did for the FF and the Invaders. My favorite cover here is the Black Goliath. Simple and uncluttered, unlike a lot of 1970s Marvel covers.

    Nick Caputo



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