Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: Early Rich Buckler on "Forbidden Journey"

From Creepy #36 (cover-dated November 1970), here's an early Rich Buckler sci-fi shocker co-written by Greg Theakston.


  1. Looks like Buckler was familiar with Al Williamson's EC work. Good story.

  2. ...and Wally Wood's

    Nick C.

  3. I was gonna say myself: channelling Williamson much. Buckler seemed to go through several imitator periods - or at least a Neal Adams phase as well

  4. Rich Buckler is providing all new material in the style of the old Warren books for a new publication titled "The Creeps." Buckler proudly proclaims his influences which are wide and varied, but never denied. You can see more at



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