Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Miscellanea: Two Girls, A Guy, Back Issue, and X-Men Forever

ITEM! I don't know how I've overlooked it, but now that I've found it, Ol' Groove is ga-ga over Two Girls, A Guy, and Some Comics. An excellent, round-table-discussion style blog covering the Silver and Bronze ages of comics, TGaGaSC is fun, informative, thoughtful, interesting, and extremely cool. Recent entries have covered the "Cap's Kooky Quartet" era of the Avengers (there's a lot of Avengers love on that blog--and I do dig the Avengers!), the Adult Legion of Super-Heroes, the history of the Vision, and lots more cool stuff. Their discussions are very in-depth, analyzing and dissecting most every aspect of whatever topic they're covering. Mega-kudos to Karen, Doug, and Sharon for creating such an outta-site blog! And speaking of Karen...

ITEM! ...Not only does Karen Walker contribute to Two Gals, and Guy, and Some Comics, but also to TwoMorrow's Wonderful Back Issue. Ol' Groove was able to nab Back Issue #34 recently, and really dug Karen's article on Adam Warlock (my all-time fave, ya know!), "The Life and Death (and Life and Death) of Adam Warlock". Lotsa other cool stuff in that ish, as well, including articles on Jim Shooter, Marvel's New Universe, DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marvel's Logan's Run adaptation, DC's Star Hunters, the third and final part of a nearly all-encompassing interview with the lovely and talented Steve Skeates, and more. Track down or order a copy, Groov-ophile! And tell 'em Ol' Groove sent ya!

ITEM! Ol' Groove actually bought a couple'a new comics--and dug 'em! Got my paws on the first two issues of X-Men Forever written by none other than Chris Claremont (the man who put the "X" in the Groovy Age) with pencil-art by the oh-so-talented Tom Grummett. I have to admit, Ol' Groove was a full-time X-Men fanatic in the Claremont-era, but I lost interest after the Cheerful One stopped guiding the lives of our Merry Mutants. Oh, I dipped back in from time to time, but things were more complicated than ever with all the "X"-titles and cross-overs--I just couldn't get into it. X-Men Forever, though, looks to be set in its own little universe, picking up where Claremont left off when he left the "X" titles in 1991, ignoring all that came after, and going off into its own reality/continuity. The first two issues were fun and fast-paced; really enjoyable for an old-timer like yours truly. Plenty of action, big doses of soap opera, and just overall exquisite storytelling. I hope the "young-uns" give support the title, 'cause I'd sure like to keep on reading it! (Even if each issue does cost four bucks a pop!)

ITEM! This post is late due to the double-whammy of Blogger's inability to correct whatever is wrong with their "post options" settings and my electricity having been out for about 16 hours. Thanks to all who continue to stop by and check in in spite of these posting woes!


  1. What did you think of X-Men Forever #2? I felt it wasn't as strong as #1

  2. Ah, Groove, thanks for the kind words about our blog! One minor correction: in one place you mention "Sharon" and Warlock, and it's all Karen (yeah,yeah,I know: Sharon/Karen, Karen/Sharon, Sharen/Karon...);though if I may unabashedly insert a plug for moi, check out Back Issue #32 and Shar's article on the Metropolitan Museum's Superhero Costumes exhibit.

    Anyway, you have a great blog--and, it goes without saying, great taste!

  3. Oops, sorry about that, Sharon! I did that a LOT of times when I wrote that post, and I thought I caught 'em all. Ah well, thanks for catching that and yes, your article was great, too!

    Well, first issues are usually stronger than second issues, 2frog, but I still think the second ish of X-Men Forever is a keeper! Looking forward to #3...and 4, and 5, and...

  4. Howdy Groove! Thanks for all the love for our blog and for the Warlock article. I'm glad you enjoyed that piece; it was a true labor of love for me! But getting to speak with Jim Starlin was a blast - he's a cool dude.

    I really love what you're doing here in your place - I still think the 70s were the wildest, most creative period of comics, and you really demonstrate that with all your great posts!

  5. Thanks, Karen! You keep on keepin' on, yourself. I like your work so much that I'm not even jealous that you got to talk to my idol Jim Starlin and I haven't. ;D



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