Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Charlton Arrow Week! Black and White Wednesday: Interviews from Charlton Bullseye with George Wildman, Nick Cuti, and Don Newton

What it is, Groove-ophiles! It's Charlton Arrow Week here on the Diversions! I know this is kinda different--and yeah, call it a week's worth of plugs if you want--but I think Fester Faceplant and the Gang behind the new Charlton Arrow comic deserve all the plugs and kudos they can get! I mean, to Ol' Groove, gathering a group of fans and pros to revive Charlton Comics (or as close as legally possible) is a task worthy of great praise! To think that pros like Paul (Life With Archie) Kupperberg, Roger (Captain America, Daredevil) McKenzie, Joe (E-Man, Dick Tracy) Staton, Rick Stasi, Lou Mougin, Mort Todd, and so many others would join such an enterprise out of sheer love for Charlton Comics makes it a mag above and beyond wanting. It's a mag we need! If you don't have a copy (first printing is sold out!!), go here right now and get a copy (Not sold in stores!). Aaaaaand get ready to order ish #2 which promises to be even better (E-Man by Nick Cuti and Joe Staton, anyone?)!

Let's keep this Charlton Arrow Week rolling along with interviews of some of the Groovy Age greats of Charlton Comics! From Charlton Bullseye #1, here's a talk with author Nick Cuti...

 In  #2, the Bullseye gang raps with Charlton editor George Wildman...

 And finally, from CB #5, Howard Siegal's discussion with artist Don Newton...

Dig that Dave Cockrum spot illo!


  1. Interviews with Cuti and Newton and a wonderful sketches of the Phantom by Newton. Fantastic post!

  2. Love Newton's Phantom! One of the highlights of the Bronze Age.



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