Friday, April 18, 2014

Charlton Arrow Week! The Grooviest Covers of All Time--featuring The Charlton Horror-Hosts

 Greetings, Groove-ophiles! We're winding up our week-long salute to The Charlton Arrow, and Ol' Groove sure hopes you've had as grand a time as moi! Hearing from Mort Todd, Roger McKenzie, and the gang behind the Charlton mini-revival has been a hoot! Looking back at the Charlton of yore has been a blast, too, but it wouldn't be complete without some sort of tribute to Charlton's far-out Horror Hosts!  Can you name 'em all?

 (And if you love those hosts, you're gonna go bonkers for Lou Mougin and Mort Todd's "The Hosts of Horror" in The Charlton Arrow #1!)

The party doesn't end here! No way! Now let's have a word from Mort Todd and the Gang from Charlton Arrow about Charlton Arrow #2!!

Mr. Bones returns to host a story "The Cure-All," by Stephen Skeates, Howard Bender and Neil D. Vokes.
A panel from Jack Keller's "Never Hitch a Ride," featuring Clint Curtis. Originally appeared in Hot Rods and Racing Cars #89 (February 1968) and presented to promote ACE Comics' new title Classic Hot Rods and Racing Car Comics #1, appearing in May, and shot from the original Charlton silver prints. 

An unpublished 1967 epic by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette, "The Golden Pharaoh," which will be serialized for a couple issues of The Charlton Arrow

 "The Barely Sentients," a parody of Charlton's off-beat superheroes The Sentinels, written & drawn by Mort Todd. 

 A panel from the highly regarded Spookman series, a Pay Boyette creation, brought back to "life" by Roger McKenzie & Sandy Carruthers. All material © their respective creators. Hot Rods & Racing Car Comics © & ™ ACE Comics Co., Inc. 

We're also talking with a very well-known Charlton creator to print a poster of his art, but can't say who yet! The Charlton Arrow #1 has a planned June 2014 release date. It and the first issue, will be available at

To which Roguish Roger McKenzie adds... piece of news Mort didn't mention is The Charlton Arrow #2 will feature the return of Mr. Jigsaw (man of a thousand parts!) in an all-new, all-outrageous adventure by creators: Ron Fortier & Gary Kato!

Keep the Charlton love flowing, Groove-ophiles! Buy those Arrows!!


  1. I dig the Ditko art on Haunted #2

  2. That Monster Hunters issue was one of my absolute faves as a kid. I bought it at a junk shop in Upstate New York, called Montagna's. What a thrill to see the beautiful Mike Zeck cover again. That's a badass werewolf!



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