Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Groove's Faves: "Full House--Dragon's High!" by Gillis, Miller, and McLeod

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today's subject is a true-blue fave: Marvel Two-In-One #51 (February 1979). That George Perez/Joe Sinnott cover featuring The Thing, The Beast, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, and Nick Fury comin' atcha was enough to tug a quartet of dimes out of Teen Groove's pocket, but when I got inside the covers and saw the awesomely far-out art by that new guy Frank Miller and the magnificent Bob McLeod--my mind was officially blown! Writer Peter Gillis could have adapted a Mork and Mindy plot for all I cared, but (thankfully), he didn't. He gave us a cool action/espionage tale (that started out as a friendly poker game), allowing for some great character moments and some sweetly choreographed battle scenes. Yep, this one's an all-time fave, baby! Can you dig it?


  1. Oh, I can dig it all right. This is one of my personal favorites as well, one of the best done-in-one issues of that entire period. It's pure superhero fun from cover to cover.
    When I was drawn back into comics in the mid-00s, this was one of the first comics I re-acquired.

  2. Such an interesting art job.
    There's stuff that looks Millerish like the splash on page 5, but they seem to Steranko a bit on the Nick Fury stuff (the Fury face on the bottom of page 8) while the panel with Thing and Ms Marvel look purely Starlin.

  3. Yeah, this story rocks! I guess Miller took a few hints from Steranko and then just knocked it out of the park... Gillis knows how to write, too...



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