Thursday, April 17, 2014

Charlton Arrow Week! "Second-Rate Wife?"

What's up, Groove-ophiles! It's Charlton Arrow Week here on the Diversions! I know this is kinda different--and yeah, call it a week's worth of plugs if you want--but I think Fester Faceplant and the Gang behind the new Charlton Arrow comic deserve all the plugs and kudos they can get! I mean, to Ol' Groove, gathering a group of fans and pros to revive Charlton Comics (or as close as legally possible) is a task worthy of great praise! To think that pros like Paul (Life With Archie) Kupperberg, Roger (Captain America, Daredevil) McKenzie, Joe (E-Man, Dick Tracy) Staton, Rick Stasi, Lou Mougin, Mort Todd, and so many others would join such an enterprise out of sheer love for Charlton Comics makes it a mag above and beyond wanting. It's a mag we need! If you don't have a copy (first printing is sold out!!), go here right now and get a copy (Not sold in stores!). Aaaaaand get ready to order ish #2 which promises to be even better (E-Man by Nick Cuti and Joe Staton, anyone?)!
Now, Ol' Groove ain't gonna jive ya, Groove-ophiles: I never bought any romance comics. Ever. My mom, though? She kept buyin' 'em until the finally quit makin' 'em! Now, just 'cause I didn't buy 'em doesn't mean I didn't read 'em. The following tale, "Second-Rate Wife?" (couldn't verify the writer or artist--assistance, please?) was originally published in Just Married #112 (May 1976), and I have to say, it left an indelible impression on Young Groove. Now, the awesome art (doesn't it just scream "1970s"?) alone failed to tell the story of why one sister was so much more desirable than the other --they look just alike!--but I finally read the words and the story really did make sense. The following scans come from the reprint, I  Love You #128 (November 1979)...

If you dug this tale, you just have to treat yourself to Charlton Arrow #1's Johnny Love mini-saga by Michael Mitchell! It's far-out!


  1. Wow, between your occasional posts and Jacque Nodell's Sequential Crush blog, you're making me sorry I never dabbled in romance comics back in the day. There's some real hidden treasures in those books. Also, how cool that you mom read (romance) comics! I can't imagine what it would have been like having a parent who not only tolerated my comics addiction but also indulged in it herself!

    As for the pages you posted, it's the art that really makes it shine (the story's a bit off-putting to be honest - that Jeff is kind of a jerk). Anyway, I can't put my finger on the artist, either - but it looks tantalizingly familiar (and also a bit reminiscent of Alex Nino's work).

    1. Edo said: "Also, how cool that you mom read (romance) comics! I can't imagine what it would have been like having a parent who not only tolerated my comics addiction but also indulged in it herself!"

      It was very cool, Edo! I was very lucky. Both of my parents grew up with comicbooks and had no problem with my hobby. Growing up in Kentucky, comicbooks were easier to get than into the movies or a TV set. Made a big difference, I s'pose!

  2. Guessing the artist here to be the late great Sanho Kim...(Correct me if I'm wrong.)

  3. Looks a lot like Enrique Badía Romero

  4. Or Jorge Badia Romero

  5. RickM, isn't Sanho Kim still alive?

  6. Well, I'm not a forensic art examiner but it sure looks an awful lot like that dude who drew Modesty Blaise (I'd recognize those lines anywhere) - Enrique Badia Romero!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  7. Jorge Badia Romero seems to be it.
    Samples of his artistry at

  8. Fairly certain I saw the death of Sanho Kim in his native Korea reported on one of the comic blogs within the past 6 months, although as I look now I can find no trace of it. It was a nice little piece which talked about how the Charlton editors discovered him, selling sidewalk sketches in San Francisco (?) or someplace…Wish I could find that now.

  9. Just seeing this! This gorgeous work is definitely by one of the Romero brothers. I'm leaning toward Jorge, but I'm hesitant to say absolutely. Either way, KB over at Out of This World has some fantastic examples of artwork from both Romero brothers.

  10. Thank you, Anonymous guys, Mike, and Jaque! At least we've got it narrowed down to two fellas--and brothers, at that! :D

  11. hi Groov, the artist of this story is Jorge Badia Romero. Incredible art!



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