Friday, April 24, 2020

Great and Goofy Goodies Gathered from the Grooviest of Ages!

Hey, Kids! Comics from 50 Years Ago!
April 21 & 24, 1970

Groovy Age Splash Page of the Week

Groovy Age Spotlight On... 
The Original Art of Our Pal Sal Buscema!

Ol' Groove just feels like looking at some random, awesome original Sal Buscema art pages today. How 'bout you?

Oh, before I go, let it be known that Groove-ophile David Miller has an extremely far-out new YouTube show called The Comics Prisoner! David will review and provide commentary about  comics art and artists, and in return he's hoping that fans from all over will watch, comment, link, and subscribe to his blazing broadcast! Just follow this link to enjoy David's debut episode, and make sure to tell him Ol' Groove sent ya! The Comics Prisoner will captivate ya, baby! Pax!

Friday, April 17, 2020

A Senses-Shattering Smattering of Swell Stuff!

Hey, Kids! Comics from 50 Years Ago!
March 1 & 5, 1970

Groovy Age Splash Page of the Week

Tom Sutton (who would have been 83 this week) from Monster Hunters #3, September 1975

Question of the Week: Can You Remember Your Earliest Marvel Comics?

Why is Ol' Groove focusing the question on Marvels? Well, mostly because I can't remember my earliest DC, Charlton, Harvey, Gold Key, Dell, or Charlton comics because I didn't necessarily buy those for myself--'cause those companies put out a lot of "kiddie" books.  Also, when I did start buying my own comics off the spinner rack, they were mostly Archie and DC comics because of my love for the Batman TV show and the DC and Archie cartoon shows that filled my Saturday mornings. Sooooo… discovering Marvel was a big deal for Li'l Groove. I bet it was a big deal for a lot of you Groove-ophiles, as well!

I'm doing my first ten Marvels because...I can actually remember them! I can honestly remember going to the ol' King Kwik just outside my Cincinnati subdivision and pulling these mags from their place in the spinner rack. To be clear, I'm not counting comics other people bought me, or comics I got in trade from the other kids in the neighborhood. These are Marvels I chose myself, fresh off the spinner rack.

10) Captain America #127, April 1970 (Yep, last week's list of comics from 50 Years Ago inspired this QotW!) 

9)  Avengers #73, December 1969

8)  Amazing Spider-Man #79, September 1969

7)  Incredible Hulk #121, August 1969

6)  Fantastic Four #92, August 1969

5)  X-Men #60, July 1969

4)  Daredevil #52, March 1969

3)  Sub-Mariner #7, August 1968

2)  Not Brand Echh! #10, July 1968

1) Captain Marvel #6, July 1968

Do you remember your the earliest Marvel mags you picked out for yourself, Groove-ophile? It doesn't have to be ten. It can be more or less, whatever you can remember or would like to share, but please share your memories in the comments, okay? Pax!


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