Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Black and White Wednesday: "Museum Piece" by Wein and Moren

Greetings, my Groovy Ghoulies! Here's a short shocker from Len (Swamp Thing) Wein and Serg Moren called "Museum Piece". Another classic from Skywald's Psycho #4 (cover-dated September 1971). Dig it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Titanic Tuesdays: "Raid of the Rocket-Rollers" by Rozakis, Delbo, and Colletta

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Skateboarding was a big-thang during the Groovy Age, so much that the sport even made it into movies, TV shows, and the occasional comic book! In May 1977, the Teen Titans faced the Rocket-Rollers (a month later, Spider-Man would face The Rocket Racer, but we'll talk about that later...). Not a very bright bunch of baddies, they did mess up Mal's new Hornblower identity (thank goodness!)--of course this version of the Titans wasn't very bright, either--witness the Aqualad sub-plot, the Bumblebee sub-plot, and (on the last page) the real reason Mal sent Hornblower into retirement so quickly...From Teen Titans #49, get ready for the..."Raid of the Rocket-Rollers"!
Cover art by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel

Monday, September 28, 2015

MoKF Mondays: "Death Masque!" by Moench, Gulacy, and Adkins

HiiiiiiiiiYA, Groove-ophiles! Y'know, Marvel's line of Giant-Size comics (68 pages for fifty cents) generated tons of excitement in 74/75! One of the best of the best was Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #1 (June 1974). Regular writer Doug Moench teamed with semi-regular artists Paul Gulacy and Dan Adkins (truly a team that was anything but REGULAR, baby) for an epic 25 page Shang-Chi vs. Fu Manchu tale! Both Moench and Gulacy applied a truly cinematic style, and man, were they ever clicking on "Death Masque!"
Cover art by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito


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