Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018!

Happy Halloween, Groove-ophiles! As usual, we've got all the comicbook goodies you're gonna need right here, so grab a bag of candy and enjoy!

Kicking things off light, here's our favorite kid ghost Spooky, with kind of a weird message from Harvey Comics to their fans (meta before meta was cool, baby)! Here's "Spooky Meets #1" from Spooky #121 (September 1970)…

Next we go waaaaaay back to the dawn of the Groovy Age, September 1967 for a classic creeper by the super-star team of Steve Skeates and Jim Aparo! From The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #4 it's Case #333..."The Cat!"

Speaking of super-stars, how about Gerry Conway and Gray Morrow? Here's an early DC attempt at the Gothic Romance genre, done in sort of, what Ol' Groove calls, a "Prince Valiant" style--meaning there are no word or thought balloons. The script (dialogue and captions) is written in prose form sans word and thought balloons. It's different and kinda creepy! It's "Where Dead Men Walk!" from House of Secrets #89 (October 1970)!

And finally, it's not Halloween without a visit from the Lord of Darkness--Count Dracula! This one has a superior script by Doug Moench and awesome art by Paul Gulacy (with Mike Esposito on inks)! From Dracula Lives! #9 (September 1974), it's "Scarlet In Glory!"

Have a spook-tacular day, Groove-ophiles!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Decent Comics: "Sing a Song of Sorcery!" by O'Neil and Wrightson

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! What better story to prepare us for Halloween than one with a title like "Sing a Song of Sorcery!" by Denny O'Neil and Berni Wrightson? Nightmaster's second appearance (in Showcase #83, April 1969) is loaded with mood, thanks in no small part to young Wrightson's magnificently macabre art). Author O'Neil provides him with plenty of creepy castles, evil warlock troops, flying ships, night time scenes, animated armor, and a sultry siren! It's all topped off with a fun Joe Kubert cover, too. This is a comic just made for reading under the covers with your flashlight...

Is this your copy, Rhodey?

And just for the fun of it, here's the editorial page from this issue featuring autobiographies of O'Neil and Wrightson!


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