Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: "The Pepper Lake Monster" by Berni Wrightson

From the special Berni Wrightson issue of Creepy (#113, cover-dated November 1979), here's Mr. Wrightson's wry twist on the Loch Ness Monster legend..."The Pepper Lake Monster"! Dig it!

This masterpiece of shadows and light was originally published in Eerie #58 (cover-dated July 1974), just so ya know!


  1. Thank you,Mr Groove,for sharing!
    That's some gorgeous art by Mr Wrightson.
    Especially pages number 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27 and 28.
    The net,the faces...master ink.
    /Mr Anonymous

  2. GREAT story---one of Berni Wrightson's best---but you forgot page one:


    Chris A.

  3. Groove, you are SO American! It's LOCH Ness, not LOCK. "Loch" is Gaelic for "lake." Dig?

  4. I knew that--I'm such a dummy! That's what I get for churning out posts too fast. Thanks for the catch.

  5. holy ink fest! awesome

  6. I love this and Wrightson's other Warren work from 1974-1978. Collected and beautifully colored by Steve Oliff in the 1983 reprint series BERNIE WRIGHTSON: MASTER OF THE MACABRE 1-3, from Pacific Comics. (Issues 4 and 5 collect stories from Wrightson's BADTIME STORIES and other independent fanzine stuff.

    The black and white versions of these were collected recently in the CREEPY PRESENTS BERNI WRIGHTSON hardcover, along with the 32 decorative full-page introductory splash pages Wrightson did for CREEPY and EERIE. The hardcover presents them in the original 8" X 11" magazine size, with original colors, on those that were colored.

    In B & W or color, beautiful stuff, some of the nicest pages in comics history.



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