Friday, October 18, 2013

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: The Tomb of Kane and Palmer

Ah, October. The time of year when a young fan's mind turns to...Dracula?!? But of course, my Groovy Ghoulies! Marvel's Tomb of Dracula, to be precise! Let's trip on down memory lane with a bevy of blood-curdling Tomb of Dracula Covers covers by the artistic dream team of Gil Kane and Tom Palmer! Yeah, Ol' Groove thought you'd dig that!


  1. Thanks, Groove! Wonderful covers here, a few I haven't seen before. But, I have to admit, it has chilling effect, or is it that open window...wait, what's that...who are you .no, aaaahhhhh! At least let me get done typin...aaahhh!

  2. I loved that book as a boy; when I bought the reprinted volumes recently, I was delighted with how well it held up.

  3. "Back, Swine! Before you arouse the Wrath of Dracula!" What a line!!



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