Friday, October 11, 2013

Making a Splash: Mike Kaluta's Dark Mansion

Hoooowwwwwwoooooo's it' hangin', Groove-ophiles! Today let's get down with some superior spookiness courtesy a compendium of Mike Kaluta's fearfully fabulous frontispieces for Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion issues 7-12 (July 1972-May 1973). Dig 'em!
Pencils by Steve Harper


  1. I read this on your post Tuesday night (UK Time)

    1. Yeah, some kind of Blogger glitch turned this puppy out for about 6 hours til I shut it down. You were one of the 32 early birds to get a sneak peek! :D

  2. All great, as you'd expect from MWK, but that one second from the top is exceptional.

  3. That first one was pencilled by Steve Harper. If he had stayed in comics, he would have been another Jeff Jones. Great work! Check out his Golem story for WEIRD WAR TALES (inked by Neal Adams) which I believe you can find on this very groovy blog.

    Chris A.

  4. Ah, here's that 1972 story pencilled by Steve Harper and inked by Neal Adams:

  5. Harper pencilled and Kaluta inked a 5 pager in 1976 for STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES called "Big War, Little War." You can see the original art for page 4 here:

    Chris A.



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