Monday, October 14, 2013

Groove's Faves: "--In Search of the Last Frankenstein!" by Friedrich and Ploog

Howzit hangin', my haunted howlers! With the Halloween season upon us, Ol' Groove begins to dwell on the monstrous majesty of Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog's Frankenstein run back in the early 70s. Every ish this titanic team produced was a classic, but one of the best was "--In Search of the Last Frankenstein!" from Frankenstein #6, July 1973. T'would turn out to be Ploog's swan song on the title--but what a way to go!


  1. Well, I guess Holloween is coming. This isn't what I would call a great comic...not even a great Frankenstein comic, but it's pretty gol-damn creepy. My favorite point in the series was when Frank squared off against Dracula, drawn by John Bucsema. Still, this was pretty eerie too.

  2. Ploog's 70s run at Marvel produced some incredible artwork, IMHO Werewolf by Night was his high water mark. It's too bad his time in comics (before coming back much later) was so short. Ploog was, in no way, a Ghastly rip-off, but had that same great horror feel that Ghastly had that few others did.

    Friendrich can run hot and cold with me. This seems more like an inventory Conan script than a Frankenstein (monster of) story.



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