Thursday, October 31, 2013

Groove's Faves: "Dread Night of the Jaguar!" by Rozakis, Rogers, and Austin

Happy Halloween, Groove-ophiles! Since we started this our month of terrifying tales with part one of a Man-Bat thriller, Ol' Groove thought it only fitting that we end the month of spirits and sugar with the blood-curdling conclusion from Batman Family #12 (April 1977). Okay, so this Bob Rozakis/Marshall Rogers/Terry Austin mini-monsterpiece isn't blood-curdling, but it is moody, kinda spooky, and fun. And the art! It's a different look for the legendary Rogers/Austin team, but it sure looks dyn-o-mite, doesn't it? Enjoy, my Groovy Ghoulies!

Don't fill up on the candy and make sure to get your apples x-rayed!


  1. This isn't the conclusion, as the story would continue next issue, involving Robin & Batgirl. I should know. I read it after acquiring Batman Family 13 at a back issue lot.

  2. You are correctamundo! Ol' Groove misspoke and should have said final "solo" chapter. The team up of which thou speakest is right here on the blog, too! Dig it!



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