Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Reads: "Pingo!" by Fleisher, Carley, and Thorne

Greetings, my Groovy Ghoulies! Today we're feasting on a fear-fest that encompasses so many of our modern-day fears: the unknown, insanity, murder, kidnapping, spousal abuse, clowns, hitch-hiking--all in a mere eleven pages. Writer Michael Fleisher, lay-out artist Russell Carley, and penciler/inker Frank Thorne knew how to thrill and chill us, baby! From House of Mystery #221 (October 1973), prepare to meet..."Pingo!"


  1. Russell Carley wasn't an artist, and didn't do layouts. Fleischer was new to the comics medium, and Russell was helpful to him in pacing the early stories, determining how many panels to a page and what would be in each panel.

    The stories were written full script, typical for DC, and Thorn (or Aparo on the Spectre) had full control over layout of the page itself.

    1. I've heard that, and I've heard Carley did breakdowns to help Fleisher with the scripts, but I've never found anything but second-hand info. I'd love to find this information from a reliable source. Help?

  2. I can't recall the issue number, but a DC letters page answer gave that explanation about Carley's helping Fleischer pace the stories in the scripting. It was most likely in ADVENTURE during the Spectre run. He did breakdowns, but in prose, not sketches, as I read it.



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