Friday, October 4, 2013

Making a Splash: DC Comics 40 Years Ago This Month, October, 1973

HoOOOWWW's it going, Groove-ophiles! Let's trek back 40 years to October, 1973, to see which DC comics were haunting the creaky old spinner-rack! Swan! Dillin! Aparo! Toth! Novick! Kirby! Heath! Thorne! Wrightson! Kaluta! Alcala! Beck! Giordano! Cockrum! Kubert! Anderson! Robbins! DeZuniga! Chaykin! And so many more! Golden and Silver Age veterans side-by-side with the up-and-coming Groovy Agers! And that's just the artists! No wonder I became--and stayed--a comicbook fiend!

Batman #254

G.I. Combat #168

Justice League of America #109

Lois Lane #136

Our Army at War #264

Plop! #3

Tarzan #227
Witching Hour #38


  1. Man. Dick Giordano was sure a busy guy!

  2. Thanks for this post. So many good memories here. I owned almost all of these comics. When I was 9 I was a DC kid. I would love to see the covers as well ...

  3. Bernie Wrightson's splash page - wonderful ! Great to see the "Super Son's" from World's Finest. The good old days of DC with Tarzan, Kamandi, Sgt. Rock and Iron Wolf... Dave Cockrum on Superboy/ LSH !!!

  4. I've long felt that Alfredo Alcala would have been the perfect choice to replace Wrightson on Swamp Thing (when Berni left with issue 10). Nestor Redondo was the best of the Filipino artists, and his drawing was impeccable, but I always felt that Alcala had a certain crepuscular lugubriousness (!) which would have been perfect for Swampy. Though I enjoyed Berni's work at Warren on Creepy and Eerie, I wished he had continued doing covers and splashes for DC's mystery mags as well (though he did come back and do a handful more covers).

    Chris A.

  5. If only DC had returned to Cockrum the original art from the double page splash in Superboy #200.

  6. Chris A., Alfredo of course eventually did do Swamp Thing, adding his 'crepuscular lugubriousness' by inking many issues during the Alan Moore and Rick Veitch years.

    1. Yes, but I meant Alfredo handling the full art chores. Good catch, tho!

      Chris A.

  7. this is DC's best year ever! Kubert, Wrightson, Heath, Toth all at their peaks - not to mention Plop! and Shazam! that's two titles with exclamations points right there... but I consider 1973 to be Marvel's best year ever also - who was better... I'm not touching that one... must be something in the water that year...



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