Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "To Walk Again in Daylight!" by Gerber and Buckler

Good EEEEEvening, Groove-ophiles! It's a little early for Halloween, but what the hey! Check out this classic Dracula shocker by the titanic team of Steve Gerber, Rich Buckler, and Pablo Marcos from Dracula Lives! #1 (February 1973). Ain't it a beaut? And there's no extra charge for the red ink!


  1. Hey Groovster!
    As u know B & W wednesdays are my favorite. As well as Halloween, love to see weeks covering Marvel's B & W mags. As well as some classic Ploog epics. DC's Wrightson's iconic Swampy tales & House of Mystery & Ghost tales. Hey how about some Tower of Shadows too!

    Loved Rich Buckler Man-Monster one shot & Barry Windsor Smith's the Demon that Devored Hollywood. One of my all time favorites. Beside's Dave Cockrum's Maniphbian which I know u already covered. Love to see those text stories of Morbius by Cockrum & Man-Thing by Pat Broderick. Throw in a few classic Twilight Zones tales & I'll be a happy camper! How about Amazing Spider-Man #100-#102 also!Keep on groovin!

  2. I was (am) a huge Dracula buff -- and even created a book celebrating the 100th anniversary of Stoker's novel (Dracula: The First Hundred Years). I was obsessed with him when I was a kid, and I remember buying 3 copies of Dracula Lives, one to read, and two to save ... just in case! God ... those pages are beautiful!

  3. I just did not appreciate Rich Buckler until later in life. This is a good story and I used to own this one. Also, I get a lot of traffic form your site for some reason. More than any other site I follow. Thanks for that and I will have to start doing doing more comic related posts.

    Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

  4. That's lovely stuff. I wish we saw more from Rich Buckler these days.



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