Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "Revolution!" by Thomas and Wood

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Ever since Ol' Groove unleashed chapter one of Roy Thomas and Wally Wood's Dr. Doom saga from Astonishing Tales, Groove-dom has been clamoring for more! It's one of the most-viewed posts in recent memory, and I've received several requests for more Doom! Well, your wish is Ol' Groove's command, baby! From Astonishing Tales #2 (July 1970) here comes..."Revolution!"


  1. One of the really cool things about Essential Super-villain Team-up is that it also reprints that Doom stories from Astonishing Tales - they're a real highlight of the book. Although it's nice to see them in color as well. Thanks, Groove!

  2. Yeah, I'd been avoiding using stuff from the Essentials (and Showcase), but since Marvel and DC are giving up on 'em and many of them are out of (or soon to be out of) print, I figure "game on"! :D

  3. LOTSA story to chew on in this one---quite the opposite of the 'decompression' that became popular in comics over the past decade (which, like an automobile engine without sufficient compression, doesn't go anywhere very quickly). Some of the characters' dialogue is a bit too similar to Doom's (Roy's fault), but still an enjoyable yarn, and not predictable either. Hope you'll run part 3 sometime in the future!

    Best regards,

    Chris A.

  4. This totally rocks, most def - sweet gothic Woodness - maybe the last great superhero thing he did - although that medieval JSA thing he did was pretty cool, too...

  5. Did Woody draw the next installment?



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