Friday, February 12, 2016

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: More, More, More Jim Aparo

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Do ya ever get tired of digging far-out Jim Aparo covers, especially those he did for DC during the Groovy Age? Neither does Ol' Groove! I've picked a dozen doozies for ya that Yers Trooly hasn't posted here in Groove City yet (at least, I'm pretty sure they haven't)! Are ya ready? Then awaaaaaaay we go!


  1. I loved that issue of Worlds Finest #255, any chance you can put up the Superman/Batman story from that issue Groove?

  2. Can't miss with Aparo covers. They're all outstanding, but that DC Super Stars cover with Aquaman really tugs at my nostalgia strings. That was the first Aquaman book I picked up as a kid after seeing him on Super Friends, and I read it to tatters.

  3. Love your site because of posts like this. Jim Aparo is one of my favorite artists ever. Beautiful stuff.

  4. Absolutely love Jim Aparo. He is my favorite Batman artist.

  5. That World' Finest Double Cover is so good I had to Pin it!
    Never seen it before!

  6. One of the best artists. As a kid, his art always drew me in. It seemed to have a sense of foreboding and tension, especially the Batman stuff. There are a handful of Aparo covers that I still look at today (now that I am old and gray in my 40s) and get that sense of electricity.

  7. Jim Aparo was a great artist, and with as much praise as he gets, I still think an underrated one. I was wowed early by his stuff at Charlton and even more when I discovered he did his own lettering. Great atmosphere and handsome distinctive people!

    Rip Off

  8. That Brave and The Bold # 105 confused me at first, until I realized he was mimicking Dick Giordano on the Wonder Woman figure. I read in one letters page that he produced 5 pages a week: pencils, inks and lettering. It would have been interesting to see his take on the Marvel Universe.

  9. Hope the band on the House of Mystery cover shows up during season 1 of "Vinyl" on HBO.



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