Friday, April 7, 2017

Making a Splash: Black Panther in Jungle Action, Part Two

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Last week we looked at Rich Buckler and company going into Jungle Action with the Black Panther, so this week we're following up with the incredible art of Billy Graham as he (along with top-notch inkers Klaus Janson, Craig Russell, Pablo marcos, Dan Green, and Bob McLeod) joins author Don McGregor on a trek through the wilds of Wakanda (JA issues 10-22, April 1974-April 1976). Wanna join 'em? Ol' Groove knew you would...


  1. That page for ish 16 (July 1975) instantly reminded me of the theatrical poster for The Land That Time Forgot (1974).


  2. Man, that is an awesome collection of splashes! Also, the Panther vs. the Klan? I'd read the HECK out of that!

  3. Billy graham was one of the most underrated artists of the seventies

    1. I loved when he took turns both pencilling and inking Luke Cage.



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