Thursday, May 4, 2017

Survey Says: What Were DC, Marvel, and Charlton Up To?

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! DC (in  the summer of 1970), Marvel (in the summer of 1972), and Charlton (in the winter of 1976) ran huge honkin' surveys in their mags--and they're a hoot, to say the least. By today's standards--well, today you'd never ask a lot of these questions, or at least not the way they're phrased. It was truly a different time. But why run such surveys? Of course, they're market research based (according to Tony Isabella on his Bloggy Thing, the Marvel one was created by Mark Clements Research, Inc. and yeah, it says so right there on it and on the Charlton one, so I know he's right!), but some of the questions...they, at least, make you go, "Hmmm?" Were they trying to get ideas for new mags, too? Figuring out their audience (sounds like DC sure didn't know theirs too well)? Why was it important enough to DC and Charlton to offer prizes for participation? (Notice, Marvel works the loyalty angle...smooth, Stan!) Ol' Groove just has to shake his head and wonder--and admit six-year-old me filled the DC one out and mailed it in. No, I didn't win a bike or anything...


  1. If the Flash is telling me my opinion is "groovy", Batman asking me if I "dig", and Superman is telling me to do my "thing", I'm sorry I was only two years old in the Sixties.
    Sure, my age kept me out of Viet Nam, but I think I missed a lot.


  2. Like you said Groove, it was a different time, and I honestly do miss it.

  3. Just the fact that it's the eternally square Supes from the eternally square DC extorting me to 'rap' does it for me.



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