Tuesday, November 6, 2018

If You Blinked You Missed: Super Cops by Channing, Morrow, Pino, Alcazar, and Thorne

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here's one of those weird one-shots that popped up from time to time during the Groovy Age. Two real-life policemen, Dave Greenberg and Bob Hantz became minor media sensations for their daring methods of fighting crime--methods that included crashing through windows a la Batman and Robin (which became their nick-names). A book was written about them, then the book was turned into a movie, and late into the game--as usual--came the comicbook. And what a lovely comic mag it is! Published by Archie Comics under their Gray Morrow-helmed Red Circle imprint, Super-Cops #1 and only featured art by Morrow, Carlos Pino, Vincente Alcazar (as V. Hack), and Frank Thorne. The whole book (including the text feature giving Greenberg and Hantz's biographies) was written by Marvin Channing. Now, the stories weren't earth-shattering. You could even say that they're kinda mundane...but Ol' Groove always dug the fact that this mag was something different for the super-hero/super-natural/cosmic dominated 1970s. Let's head back to May 1974 and hit the streets, baby!

Anybody wanna buy a watch?


  1. I vaguely remember the movie, just the scene where some guy yells, "Go get 'em Batman, go get 'em Robin!"

  2. So that's who V Hack was. Super Cops was an excellent short lived title from the excellent short lived Red Circle imprint of Archie comics. I read it first, then saw the movie. The comic book was better, although I pretty much like anything Ron Liebman is in.

  3. I like that the bottom panel of page 4 of Frank Thorne's story show the one character's trench coat as a cape and a piece of laundry hanging in the background resembles a bat. Clever.

  4. Here comes the Mustache Squad.
    It was the seventies, man...


  5. My dad liked the book back then...did you know both left the force in 1975 and one of them served a couple of prison terms for fraud?



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