Friday, January 15, 2010

Science Fiction Theater: Logan's Run (Parts 1-2)

Shortly before Star Wars blew us all away, MGM was wowing us with their Oscar-winning (for Special Achievement for visual effects) cinematic adaptation of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's classic 1967 sci-fi novel Logan's Run. As with the mighty Star Wars, Marvel was on hand to adapt Logan's Run into comicbook form. Writers Gerry Conway (issue #1) and Dave Kraft (issues 2-5) were ready, willing, and able to capture the flick's plot, mood, and dialogue, while artists George Perez and Klaus Janson did a dy-no-mite job of of bringing the world-in-which-you-not-only-don't-trust-anyone-over-30-but-you-don't-let-'em-live to life. Sit back and enjoy issues 1-2 (October-November 1976) right here, right now, Groove-ophiles!

Issues 3-4 tomorrow, then the finale on Sunday. See ya then!


  1. Hey, Groove:

    LOVED Logan's Run as a kid, both the movies and, especially, the comics. I think it might have been the first time George PĂ©rez really registered on my comics radar. The comics hold up well today, too; the first issue earned an "A" grade when I reviewed in earlier this year.


  2. Mr. Groove,
    WOW, thanks for these memories!
    I loved this series--because it was a comic that was so much better than its source. Perez could draw a better future city than MGM's special effects men could come up with.

    Keep up the wonderful work,

  3. easily me favourite George Perez comics. easily one of my very favourite sci-fi films/books. yeah, I know it's all looked on as a bit campy and kak now, but I don't care. I loved Logan's Run when I was a kid, still love it now. hey, any film where Jenny Agutter gets her knockers out works for me!

    great post, matey!

    by the way, you know there's a whole new comic series, published by Bluewater ( I think ), based on the original novel of Logan's Run, coming out soon?



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