Monday, January 4, 2010

Dynamic Communication: Groovy DC House Ads

Did'ja ever plop down with any DC comics back in 1974 and pore over these ads? It was a fun way to pass the time playing "got it, need it..." When I look at these ads now, it sure takes me back. I'm struck by the diversity of genres represented. I get all nostalgic for those 100 page comics. And I still find myself playing "got it, need it..." How 'bout you?


  1. I just assumed that you DID have them all, Groovy. I'm amazed at what you can dig up.

  2. I thought you owned your own comic store. Like a Milehigh type, like a warehouse myself. These were great & I loved them. I used to subscribe in the mid 80's to the CBG. Comics Buyer Guide, just so every week while I was in the Marines. So I could get a sneak peek preview of each cover. Because DC & Marvel usually never advertisted like this any longer.

    It was fun & a great marketing device. Even thought I was a HUGE Marvel Zombie. In the 70's I still bought like 50-70% Dc titles as well. Beside's Superman, Batman titles. I bought their great horror/Ghost, War, Kirby & Jim Apairo titles. Or anything that really grabbed me, like Firestorm!Thanks for making my Monday Groovster!

  3. I remember loving the 100 page giant issues, really my first exposure to the golden age with the stories they reprinted.
    Great memories.

  4. Love the DC house ads from '74. Actually now I look at those ads and think "had that one, had that one, wish I had had that one, wish I still had that one...."



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