Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Reads: "The Grim Ghost Returns..."

The title says it all, Groove-ophiles! Atlas/Seaboard's answer to Marvel's Ghost Rider crossed with DC's The Spectre, filtered through the macabre sensibilities of Michael (The Spectre, Jonah Hex) Fleisher and Ernie (Richie Rich, Tiger-Man) Colon, returned for his sensational second issue (December 1974) with this terror-tale...


  1. What struck me about this character -besides Ernie Colon's art- was the fact that his origin is strikingly similar to SPAWN.

  2. Gotta love the Grim Ghost! Grim Ghost & Tiger-Man were my favorite Atlas characters. Loved Ernie Colan's beautiful clean pencils as well.I've just recently been learning more about Jonah Hex, I grew up a hard core Marvel Zombie.

    But really missed the boat on buying Jonah Hex!I never knew writer Michael Fleisher who created the Spectre & co-created Hex. Also created the Grim Ghost! I always thought Spawn looked like Spider-Man, with Batman's cape & his origin was a rip off of Ghost Rider. Now I see it also even more so with the Grim Ghost! As a certain Boy Wonder would say "Holy Rip Off Groovster!" Thanks for brighting my Monday morning!

    Now if we could only see Grim Ghost & Tiger-Man long over due returns & made into movies!

  3. Thanks for posting, Groovester! The Grim Ghost was one of the few highlights of the Atlas line; a character with real potential in that ( Groovy )age of supernatural heroes. Unfortunately it wasn't to be.

    BTW, love that Steranko "Talon" header!

  4. Gotta add my love for the STERANKO piece !

    Grim Ghost was one of many Atlas books I grabbed up way back. They were dirt cheap here in the UK and were the books you bought after you'd exhausted the Marvel/DC titles for that month. I now revere the Atlas books much more - but still dig their street grittiness.


  5. i liked the grim ghost, but i LOVE that steranko "talon" header!!! :)



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