Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sci-Fi Week! Secret Origins: Warlock's Sidekick Pip the Troll

When we think of Jim Starlin's awesome (in every sense of the word) run on Warlock, we think of heavy, dark, angst-ridden cosmic tales of death and redemption. Thing is, Judo Jim was hip enough to realize that something had to balance out all of that soul-searching and he gave Adam Warlock a side-kick by the name of Pip the Troll. Pip was everything Adam was not--a sluggard, a thief, a liar, a cheat, a coward. And yet. And yet, he was loyal and sly, and the best friend a guy like Adam could have. Pip was like a grown up Looney Tunes character, adding bits of levity in what could have become a depressingly dark series. Another really smart thing Starlin did was, as soon as the Warlock/Magus saga ended, he (along with finisher/colorist extraordinaire Steve Leialoha) gave us Pip's origin, a smart, funny, and sly break before diving into his next deep, dark cosmic saga. Young Groove dug "A Trollish Tale!" from Warlock #12 (January 1976) the most. Still do. Bet you will, too!

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