Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: The Hulk's Rogues Gallery by Giffen and Perez

Bah. Hulk just want to be left alone. Hulk smash puny Groovy Agent to shut him up, now puny Groove-ophiles start piling in on Hulk. What do you want from Hulk, puny Groove-ophiles? Black and white stories? Hulk's black and white stories are in Essential Rampaging Hulk trade paperbacks. Go to comics store and stop bothering Hulk or Hulk will SMASH! Why do you not leave? What? Not leaving until you get black and white "fix"? You are making Hulk angry. Bah. Here, Hulk find some black and white stuff. Not stories, but pictures of people Hulk fight with (from Rampaging Hulk #'s 4 and 8). Pictures by Bag-On-Head Man (Keith Giffen) and Loud-Flower-Shirt Man (George Perez) look nice. Hulk not like looking at them much, though. Make Hulk's head hurt trying to remember them. Make Hulk angry looking at them. Sunglasses Man (David Anthony Kraft) put lots of words on them anyway. Here. Look at them. Hope you are happy.

Now go away or HULK WILL SMASH!

Hulk means it.

Go away!


  1. WOW! I swear groovy one you must be psychic! I've been thinking about asking you to post these. I've been looking for the original art for these for the last 10 years. Either they've been locked away for a long time. The artist's still own them or they gotten lostor destroyed over the decades!

    If anyone knows their where abouts or owns them. Please contact me! Oh ya yet another excellent groovy B & W Wednesday! Thanks for posting these great pin ups!

  2. oh, man! I love these! haven't seen 'em in yarons! them Toad Men rule! I'd forgotten all about Keith Giffen's early-on Kirby-ness; reckon I'm gonna have to dig out all me old Defenders now. . .

    curse you, Groove! Joe smash!

  3. I'm with you Joe! I loved Keith Giffen's Kirby style back in the day. His way too short stint on The Defenders ROCKED! I also loved his Wood-God in Marvel Premiere #31.

    Hey groovy One how about a Klaus Jansen week? I loved his inks on What If#3. What If The Avenger's Broke up. I normally never cared for heavy inking. But Klaus Jansen & most of Tony Dezuniga's inks looked great. Or a What If week & a bizzare heroes week? say using Man-God, etc.

  4. OOPS! I meant Wood-God above, not MAN-GOD! LOL!



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