Thursday, August 26, 2010

Groove's Faves: "The Daily Death of Terry Tremayne" by Reed and Chan

Happy Birthday to me! Yeah, Ol' Groove's getting longer in the tooth and thinner of the hair, but I keep on truckin', baby! Because it's my birthday, I hope you don't mind indulging me a bit so I can take a gander back at one of my fave Batman comics, issue #269's (August 1975) "The Daily Death of Terry Tremayne" by David V. Reed (better known as playwright and '50s Batman scribe David Vern--aka David Levine) and Ernie Chan (who back then was going by the moniker of Ernie Chua--welcome to the age of incognito comicbook book creators, Groove-ophiles). Yep, this is another one of those nostalgic trips that have more to do with the memory (I did pick this puppy up with my birthday money, after all) than the actual mag, but at the same time it's a neat story (an homage to Dashiell Hammett) and Chan's art is definitely groovy.


  1. Happy Birthday, Groove - have a great day!

  2. that's a cracking good Batman tale there, matey! & happy birthday to you! I hope it's a great one. &, hey, look at it on the bright side: at least you got hair to get thinner and teeth to get longer in! have a groovy one, fella! all the best!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day.

  4. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, buddy! It may be your birthday but WE get the presents every day! All my best to you!

  5. Cool story, Groove...and Happy Birthday! (and many more!)

  6. Happy Birthday Groovy One!
    Wait until you reach the half of century mark! I'll be 49 in about a month! Hey when I look at those celebrities my age & how they look now. I feel really great! No cigs, drugs or hard booze really payed off. Just fresh air,exercise & hundreds of hot woman! Hey I look & feel like a Eternal! Who would have thunk it? LOL!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Groove-ophiles! Mucho appreciated--and yeah, it was a good'un! (Complete Speed Racer manga, harback, slip-cased for ten bucks? Miller's 300 graphic novel for the same low price? Yeah, goooood birthday!)

  8. David V. Reed's run on Batman may not have been flashy, but it was always fun and interesting. Like the four-part Underworld Olympics (in the 270s), or the trial among the underworld to determine who *really* killed the Batman (291-294)?



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