Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dy-No-Mite Duos Week! Diggin' Ditko: Winnie the Witch and Dr. Graves

Ol' Groove hopes you'll indulge him if he cheats a bit with this wild wind-up for Dy-No-Mite Duos Week. While Winnie the Witch, star of Ghostly Haunts, narrates "I'll Never Forget...What's-His-Name?", she doesn't actually team-up or interact with guest-star Dr. M. T. Graves (host of The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves, natch), it's quite rare and pretty far-out when any Charlton characters mingle with one another. Plus it's drawn by the great Steve Ditko, so it's not like you're really gonna have much to complain about, Groove-ophiles--unless it's that these scans provide yet shining example of the horrid printing we often got in our Charlton mags. Still, this terror-tale from Ghostly Haunts #27 (August 1972) is a keeper, so Ol' Groove's sure you'll enjoy it--printing splotches and all!

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