Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: "Trail of the Starstone!" by Warner, J. Buscema, and Nebres

Welcome back to Groove City! Ol' Groove's been on a little bit of a Rampaging Hulk kick for the last little while, but who can blame me? That mag was far-out, baby! Besides the super-cool Hulk stories by Doug Moench and company, Rampaging Hulk had articles and special features galore, plus some of the best back-up features in all of comicdom. RH hit the ground running in that department, bringing John Warner's Bloodstone in with the first ish (December 1976). With art by Big John Buscema (layouts) and Rudy Nebres (finishes/inks/wash) not only was the b&w premiere of our favorite monster-hunting caveman a great read, but t'was a veritable feast for the ocular orbs as well! Just dig the special effects Nebres employs when Bloodstone uses his "third eye"! Is that killer or what, baby? C'mon and join us as we head out on the..."Trail of the Starstone!"


  1. Bloodstone the Kolchak the Night Stalker of the MU! I loved Bloodstone. I loved big John's pencils always! But I wasn't exactly crazy about Rudy Nebres pencils or inks. But he still had a beautiful art style all uniquely his own. I know I recently heard a few years ago Marvel had killed off Bloodstone! GGRRR!!! Thanks for yet another awesome B ^ W wednesday! My favorite segment of your Groovy site!

  2. I loved The Rampaging Hulk. Marvel really had something special with its black and white magazines -- Hulk, Doc Savage, Planet of the Apes... I have such fond memories of that era, in its own way, an age as Golden as any other.

  3. I agree Bob, I remember by 1976. I got a little bummed out because Marvel's B & W's were pretty much gone. With the exception of Conan & Marvel Preview. Those mags were great & all ended way too soon. I wish Marvel's monster mags/comics,Doc Savage, Planet of the Apes, Rampaging Hulk set in the 60's.

    Had stuck around until atleast 1980 or 82. I guess that's one of the reasons I loved/love Man-God in Marvel Preview #9 so much. To me it was one of the last non Conan great B & W mags.



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