Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gimme a Break!

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove's keeping this short and sweet: I'm gonna have to put Groove City on auto-pilot for a few days while I try to recover from a severe case of--believe it or not--tennis elbow. Makes it hard to type, and even harder to scan and drag comicbook art. As soon as the swelling is down and I can bend my fingers without making funny (even scary) faces, things will get back to normal, and that's no jive! 'Til then, how 'bout you peruse past posts, then come back here and rap about some of your faves in the comments section. And, of course, you should spend some time visiting the far-out blogs in the side-bar.

Be back soon, fellow-babies! Don't forget to write!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are "under the weather," Groove. I hope that you get recovered VERY soon and that you enjoy your time of rest as you recuperate. (And here's looking forward to more fine reading after you are well.)

  2. "Lobs are an imporant part of the game."

    ~Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, 1985

    Get well soon, Groove!

  3. Hey Groovyone!
    Bummer! I hope your feeling much better & soon! I need my Groovy fix every day! see what you did to me! LOL! Sorry to hear your imjuried that stinks. I'll definetely check out past topics. I hope others will check out my Man-God one as well. Speaking of never spring I have article coming out on it in Back Issue #47! Get well soon buddy!

  4. Hey, Groove:

    Sorry to hear you're on the DL. Get better soon, 'cause the Bronze Age Blogosphere isn't the same without ya! (Hopefully, the elbow won't prevent you from reading comics : )


  5. Hope you feel better soon Groove! Love your site!

  6. Groove: It tennis is causing a hitch in your comics scanning, give up tennis.

  7. Don't comment here nearly enough, although I'm a regular reader. Get well soon, and thanks (again) for the great blog.

  8. Take care, Groovester, and get well soon!

  9. get well, groove!Can't do without you-although this gives me a chance to catch up with all your amazing groovifications! Been there with the elbow thing man! Aspirin, rest and Ice, baby, Ice! and after that, more Ice!
    Stay cool, groove!

  10. Take your time, Groovester. I'm sure he legendary ranks of internetdom assembled would rather wait than risk permanent damage to the legendary Groovy Agent.

    Stay Cool.

  11. Get well soon! I'm having B & W Wednesday Withdraw!! I need my B & W fix! LOL! Rest up Groovster!

  12. I hope you heal up quickly, man. Your comic blog is the best one by far. This is always my favorite place to come for inspiration for my own artwork!



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