Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Gil Kane Strikes 13

Without a doubt, Gil Kane was tops in creating creepy and creature-filled covers. Here are 13 of his most Marvel-ous macabre monsterpieces from the Groovy Age. Enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed Gil Kane's ventures in to horror. I used to own most of these books and often the best part were the covers them selves.

    As I recall many of these 70's horror comics by Marvel were collections of reprinted stories, many pretty good but still wish they had tried to come up with new stores more as well. Guess they did that with the b/w titles.


  2. Gil Kane inked by Tom Sutton, Joe Sinnott or Tom Palmer. Always blew me away as a kid/teenager. Speaking of my good friend,Old Jolt'in Joe turns 85 this coming sunday! Anyone interested in sending Joe a Happy B-Day wish. Can do so on his website.

    Which is ran by Joe's youngest son Mark. Hey groovy one can we see some Morbius. By Gil Kane in Spider-Man #100-#102. Also Fear, love to see my some reprints of Groot, etc from the 60's as well. DC House of Mystery, Ragman, etc. Marvel B & W monster mags too! Nuff Said!

  3. & not a stinker among 'em. lovely. seriously, ol' Sugar Lips coulda drawn breath and I'd've bought it.

  4. Great covers to reprint books. The inkers did a great job on Gil, as well!

  5. Those are beautiful. Nothing beats those old monster comics.

  6. Looks like Jazzy Johnny R had a hand in VoE #6

    thanks for these



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