Friday, December 16, 2011

Making a Splash: John Byrne's Iron Fist Part Two

Here they are, Groove-ophiles! As promised, it's the rest of John Byrne's sensational splashes from his legendary Iron Fist run. (We laid the first batch on ya last Friday, remember?) But ya know Ol' Groove ain't gonna stop there! I'm also tossing in the Jocular One's splashes from the K'un-Lun Kid's appearances in Marvel Team-Up, Power Man, and Power Man and Iron Fist! Who loves ya (and Groovy Age John Byrne art), baby?
Gotta jump in here and say this one's my all-time fave! Which one's yours?


  1. SWEET X-MAS! More awesome blasts from the past! From the Mighty Marvel Machine! I loved these books & characters as a teen. Now I remember why!

  2. I never realised the similarity between the first splash (IF 10) and the iconic X-Men 141 cover.
    Maybe the best self-swipe ever.

  3. Love Byrne on Iron Fist! My fave's 'Target: Iron Fist' Look at the composition there: Danny going one way, the bridge 'wires' going the opposite way, the girder and building behind disappearing off into the horizon line and finally the skyline in the back centering the whole thing. Elementary stuff if you do it right, evoking depth AND movement, but who does it that elegantly these days?

  4. Gary, I noticed the same similarities to 141. Both are brilliant! Byrne is a master. It's cool looking at these splashes and seeing him coming into his own.


  5. The third one with Iron Fist fighting Chaka down the stairs is my favorite. Not sure what you call that style of showing the fight but I like it a lot. And Byrne draws one hell of a Capt America.

  6. There's almost ZERO pre-1980s comics I have interest in. In fact, Byrne/Claremont Iron Fist might be THE only one. Can't freakin wait for The Iron Fist Volume 2 Masterworks to come out



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