Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: "Twin Burial" by Robinson and Reese

You dig zombies, Groove-ophiles? A lotta folks do these days (wonder why?), but back during the Groovy Age, the only place to get your zombie fix on a regular basis was Marvel's b&w Tales of the Zombie. Today's "Twin Burial", by Chuck Robinson and Ralph Reese, comes from Tales of the Zombie #2 (June 1973). Of course, it's not exactly a zombie story. Pre-zombie, perhaps? You decide!


  1. I bought every issue of Tales of the Zombie. Hard to believe I was only 11 years old when this hit the stands. Creepy as hell tale! Even as a 11 year old. I appreciated seeing a beautifully drawn female figure. If that happened to anyone. I doubt they could ever sleep very well ever again!

  2. I was but a pre-adolescent when I saw this very story for the first time; it both captivated and disturbed me to this day, for all of the usual reasons, and it still does, to this day. The art of Ralph Reese, Bruno Premiani, and Kurt Schaffenberger made me queasy as a child (Schaffenberger only when he was doing art for ACG as "Lou Wahl" - when he was doing DC stuff, like Lois Lane, his art was not bothersome to me at all). - Jeff Clem



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