Friday, January 25, 2013

Making a Splash: Gil Kane's Captain Marvel

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Y'know, just thinking about Gil Kane's all-too-short run on Marvel's Captain Marvel (issues 17-21, July 1969-May 1970) makes Ol' Groove's mind boggle. Kane was in top form and his drawings were filled with energy, passion, and majesty, rivaling the best work of, well, anybody! Yers trooly believes Gil was inspired 'cause he was working with his best (in my humble opinion) Marvel writer and inker combo, namely Roy Thomas and Dan Adkins, but that's just me guessin'. What does all'a this winsome wordage boil down to, you ask? Simple. DAGGONE, LOOKIT THESE AWESOME PICTURES! Ahem. Later, gator!


  1. Gil Kane was the greatest! Whether he drew Spidey, Green Lantern, Atom or Capt.America...each page was full of action-packed visuals. I don't believe Kane ever illustrated a bad comic. Can't forget Star Hawks !!

  2. It used to get up my nose that he kept getting up characters' noses, but oh well, most artists have stylistic idiosyncrasies of one sort or another...

    I owned at least half of these - took 'em to a second hand book shop one day in the mid 70s (with a collection of others) so I could fund the purchase of an LP...been kicking myself for a while about that.

    B Smith

  3. Marvel Team-Up 16. It introduced me to Gil Kane and to Marvel's Captain Marvel. A highly underappreciated, overlooked, and mostly forgotten masterpiece. Gil Kane knocked me out on this one and made me a fan for life.



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