Friday, September 27, 2013

Making a Splash: Jack Kirby's OMAC

While I dearly love all of Jack Kirby's Groovy Age output for DC, I have to admit my all-around fave series was the wild and wooly OMAC (that's One Man Army Corps to you, fella)! Short-lived as the title was (only 8 issues from June 1974-August 1975), the costume, the mohawk, Kirby's vision of the future (and, MAN, how eerily accurate in so many ways), the action, the freewheeling inventiveness of it all still turns me on, baby! Yeah, OMAC still hits Ol' Groove where he lives. Care to join me in a stack of stunning splash pages?

And thanx a million to our buds at Mars Will Send No More for the majority of the scans (which I pinched from their wonder-filled website)! You do visit there daily, don't you? Hmmm?


  1. Loved this book -- and I greatly miss the 1970s commitment to social justice......

  2. Living in Denmark - one of the first american comics i got was a OMAC comicx.- i hang it on my wall for years like a poster, showing a double page fight scene. I was amazed by the art.
    Years later OMAC turned up Again in a superman comics - that was strange to see a non Kirby version i thought..- But i really loved Byrnes new OMAC story too.....

  3. Kirby got it right, people's body parts have been sold for the rich , and the weather had been manipulated. The future is here and it looks bleak.



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