Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: "The Angry Dragon...Kills!" by Claremont and Nebres

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Today we're going to check out the grand finale of Chris Claremont and Rudy Nebres' Iron Fist epic from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #24 (April 1976). But first dig that Bob Larkin cover!


  1. The names Fist! SMASH! Iron Fist! I was a huge IF fan since he first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15! Loved his regular titled too. I was really bummed when it was abruptly cancelled too. I'm hoping he gets a movie soon. Along with Luke Cage Powerman. I'd love to see them have cameos in a Avengers movie!

    1. Netflix is producing 4 new TV series based on Marvel properties, 2 of them are "Power Man" and "Iron Fist". The other two are "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones."

  2. Ditto here Mike! I'd love to see an IF movie instead of say, Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Mike 'Shhhkow!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

  3. Hey Groovy One!
    Any chance we can see DHoKF #29. I believe it was the last issue too! I remember vividly it was at my small local magazine store. I walked through a snow storm with my best buddy Neal. We only had so much $ & I had a very hard choice to make. I walked in & grabbed my regular DHoKF. But then after moving a few new Marvel/Warren mags. Marvel Preview #9 with Man-God was hidden. I grabbed it & was hooked by the cover. Written by my favorite 70's Marvel writer Roy Thomas & drawn by Tony Dezuniga. Whom up until then, I really didn't appreciate as much. But I did remember I loved his inks on John Buscema on SSo Conan & Doc Savage! As well as drawing 7 of the 8 issues of Doc Savage's B & W mag! So I don't think I ever got to see if indeed. If Iron Fist had fought Shang Chi like on the powerful Earl Norem cover. So I'd love to see it! Keep on Groovin Groovy One! You Rock!



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