Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random Reads: "Maximilian's Treasure"

Howdy there, Groove-ophiles! Not too long ago, Ol' Groove moseyed on down to the local Cracker Barrel to fill his belly with some good breakfast grub. While waiting for a table, I was drawn to the spinner rack (love spinner racks!) filled with DVD collections of classic TV shows. What did my wondering eyes behold but an old, long unseen (for moi) fave, the first season of The Wild, Wild West! Now, to Li'l Groove, that show was right up there with Lost In Space and Batman, baby, so I had to nab that sepia-toned box of memories. Watching them made me remember Gold Key's short-lived comix series based on that awesome old show, and viola! a new post is born! Jump in the WABAC machine and let's see what comicbook shenanigans the James Bond of the West and his Master of Disguise partner could get into...

Can anyone help identify the credits for this story? All the Grand Comics Database can tell us is that Sal Amendola inked it... Thanx!


  1. I did some research on credits and couldn't find a thing. It's a shame, Dell and Gold Key comics are some of my favorites of the Silver Age, but the lack of credits bothers me to no end, especially if I like the art and want to find out who drew it. On a side note, Alex Toth's Dell work was probably my favorite work of his. Is it true that his Dell stuff was considered "lost" work since no one realized it was him until much later?

  2. I use to have the lunch box...sure do miss it.
    If I had it now I would be the envy of all my co-workers ;-)
    - Jez



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