Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Black and White Wednesday: "Show Me the Way to Go Home..." by Layton, Duffy, Cockrum, and Villamonte

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Whilst digging around in the Repository of Rarities, Ol' Groove lucked upon Bizarre Adventures #27 (May 1981) featuring "Secret Lives of the X-Men"! Now, I know that's a waaaaaaaay post-Groovy Age, but I'm pretty sure at least two of the three tales published in B.A. #27 (featuring Phoenix, Iceman, and Nightcrawler) were done in the late 70s for Marvel Spotlight and/or Marvel Premiere. Why thinkest Groove this? 'Cause I know fer sure the Iceman tale was scheduled for Marvel Spotlight--the Bob Layton penciled cover for it made the fanzine rounds in 79/80. Nightcrawler was rumored to be in the pipline for one of those Marvelous mags, as well. Add to that the fact that the stories ran 18 pages (while Marvel was running 22 pagers by this time)--yeah, yers trooly is pret-ty sure they were intended for Marvel's color line. (Not sure about the Phoenix tale...).

I said all'a that to say this: "Check out this freakin' cool Nightcrawler story co-plotted by Bob Layton and Jo Duffy, scripted by Duffy, and featuring art by Dave Cockrum and Ricardo Villamonte!" Not only is this story a hoot in both the story and art departments, but it ties up loose ends from the final ish of The Champions and sets up Nightcrawler's 1985 mini-series. It's easy to forget just how awesome Nightcrawler was back in the good ol' days...let "Show Me the Way to Go Home..." show ya just how much fun Kurt Wagner truly was...


  1. This is such a fun story, and it really shows how much Cockrum loved Nightcrawler - just like the later Nightcrawler mini-series. It makes me wish Nightcrawler became the breakaway popular X-man back in the '80s, instead of a certain surly Canadian with claws...

  2. I actually bought this issue when it first came out. This is so cool. I agree that maybe this was meant for the color line, but for some reason was bumped to Bizarre Adventures. Given the popularity of the X-Men back then, I'd say it was a win-win for Marvel.

  3. Great fun. Pretty silly, but still fun.

    Nightcrawler had a 1985 limited series and a 2002 limited series. Then in 2004 he had an ongoing series which lasted 12 issues. And this very month issue 1 of a new Nightcrawler series came out. So your post is even more timely than you though Groovy one.

  4. Mein Gott herr Groove! Yeah I'm with Edo. Cockrum really loved the Nightcrawler character. If it was up to him ol' fuzzy elf would have been the breakout star of the X-men. Glad to see a new series with him (scripted by Chris Claremont no less) coming out right now.

    - Mike 'BAMF!' from Trinidad & Tobago.



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