Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast 2014: The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Bill Sienkiewicz Made Me Buy These!

Well, Groove-ophiles, have you stuffed, napped, and now need a bit of a snack? Then snack on these scrumptious Bill Sienkiewicz covers from the late Groovy Age (aided by a variety of awesome inkers, natch)! Hope your Thanksgiving Feast 2014 was a great one!


  1. Man, I had pretty much all of these; I didn't even realize that Sienkiewicz did those Spiderwoman covers. As for those two issues of FF, I recall that the covers were about the best part - those stories by Moench were ... different.

  2. I love his later work, but it's interesting to see how a great artist takes time to mature. Notice how he struggles to draw hands in Moon Knight 1-2, the poor composition in FF 219 and the generally difficult body proportions and forms throughout his early work. He was much better and more interesting when he adopted his own scratchy photo realistic styles as opposed to trying to ape Buscema and other Marvel mainstays.



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