Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast 2014: "Hang the Batman" by Levine, Netzer, and Rubinstein

Welcome back to Thanksgiving Feast 2014, Groove-ophiles! Are ya ready for the main course? You know that one of the greatest comicbooks of all time was the 1978 Batman Spectacular (DC Special Series #15, Summer 1978). Ol' Groove has shared parts of it with ya here and here. Well, today we're gonna feast on a whopping 30 page mystery/puzzler by David Levine (as David V. Reed), Michael Netzer (as Mike Nasser), and Joe Rubinstein (as The Beaver)! "Hang the Batman" allows Levine to give us the classic Darknight Detective using all his brain power to solve a mystery given form in the old children's game, "hangman". All this detecting allows artists Netzer and Rubinstein to show Batman in all kinds of cool action scenes: swinging across the rooftops, roughing up stoolies, and tooling around in a dyn-o-mite editon of the Batmobile. Enough yapping! Pass the gravy and read on, baby!
Cover art by Marshall Rogers


  1. Thanks for sharing. This was one of my favorite Batman stories back in the day and I read that one over and over. I really liked Netzer's take on Batman. Wish he'd gotten the opportunity to do more with the character. All the stories in that issue were great!

  2. This has to rank right up there with Thrilling Adventure Stories # 2 for the greatest collection of artists between 2 covers. Nasser, Rubinstein, Golden, Giordano and Rogers. Wow!

  3. One of the BESt drawn BAtman stories ever!

  4. "one of the greatest comicbooks of all time"? Absolutely! Every story in it was fantastic!



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