Friday, January 23, 2015

Making a Splash: Ross Andru's Amazing Spider-Man, Part Two

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! More Ross Andru Amazing Spider-Man splashes! This time we're covering the Len Wein era of ASM, issue 151-180 (minus issues 154-155 which were Sal Buscema fill-ins while Ross was drawing the first Superman/Spider-Man crossover), September 1975-February 1978. Lots'a sensational splashes here, Groove-ophile! Are you ready for 'em? Yeah? Onward!!


  1. Some of my favourite Neal Adams work was when he'd do a full page with a lone figure of Batman or Green Lantern in front of a background, maybe a cityscape, and it's the same here with Ross Andru. Those first couple are wonderful, and I just wish he had done more of them. That one with Spidey falling from the helicopter is a beauty.

  2. That "Hammerhead is Out!" splash is very much likely the first Spider-Man page I ever saw, in an italian reprint, when I was about 9. It struck me as a kid, and Andru-Esposito's has been THE Spidey for me ever since. Sorry, Mr. Ditko, Romita(s), Buscema(s), McFarlane and Bagley ;-)

  3. I remember when Andru teamed up Dick Giordanno on inks for the Spider-Man / Superman team up Treasury Edition back in 1975. It was an oversize comic and the art drew me in immediately with the double splash pages and the spectacular perspective shots. I don't know why they never drew the sequel. There was a Jim Shooter written sequel that never lived up to the expectations of the original.

  4. That sequel had a better story, actually, but it was lacking the "milestone event" feel. And, yes, it also lacked the magic of Andru's art.
    Nevertheless, there has been a long dispute about "The Battle of the Cantury" art, as Neal Adams apparently redraw a big part of Andru's pencils, especially the Superman part, and in some cases the difference is noticeable, although Adams had been very respectful of Andru's - who had serious health problems - work.
    Besides that the whole development of the Superman/Spider-Man project suffered a lot of problems since its start, mainly due to the mutual mistrust the two companies had. There's a lot of material about that around the web.

  5. Would be awesome if IDW did a Artist Edition book on Andru's run , especially the ones inked by Romita, Hunt and Giacioa.
    Thanks for all the work you do putting these post up. Diversions of a groovy kind is one of my favorite sites to visit.

    1. Ask and you shall receive. IDW has a book coming out. Except I'm disappointed they're not doing some of the issues you specifically spoke about. Giacoia and D. Hunt really put a cool polish on Ross's figures. They're not covering some key issues like 134 through 146.



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